What We Believe Matters!

When we learn a new sport, it’s best to begin with the basics, the fundamentals of the game. The story is told of a young man by the name of Ivan McQuire who died at age 35. McQuire aspired to be the greatest sky diving photographer in the whole country. However, he became so excited about filming some other skydivers, that he failed to follow one of the fundamentals of sky diving. He forgot to put on his parachute before jumping out of a plane, with disastrous results. He ignored the basics. It’s important to review the basics regularly, or we can find ourselves drifting or off track, sometimes with tragic results. That is also true about living as a Christian in today’s world. It’s important to be reminded of our core beliefs, the basics of our faith in God.

When Paul was writing to the Christians in the church at Rome, he introduced himself to them with a statement of what he believed. If someone asked you, “what do Christians believe?” how would you answer? There would be many ways to answer that question, and of course not all Christians agree on what Christians believe. After all, that is one reason why we have so many denominations.

Yet there is a core that we as Christians hold in common. That core is found in one of the oldest creeds of the church…the Apostle’s Creed. In one sense the Apostle’s Creed serves as an outline of what we believe as Christians. But the Apostles Creed is not a dusty document that has nothing to do with our life today, because What We Believe Matters! When we say the Apostles Creed, we are reminding ourselves that we have confidence in God who made us, and who died and rose from the dead for us, and who empowers us to be His people, the Church. We are saying we do not just intellectually agree with the idea that there is a God, we are saying we trust God and will therefore live like we trust God. This kind of belief will affect our behavior, our identity, and our eternity.

Since what we believe matters, I hope you will join us for worship in October as we explore together what we believe and why we believe it, using the Apostle’s Creed as a guide. Be sure to invite a friend to come as we begin this series on Sunday, October 2. at 10:00 A.M.

See you in worship Sunday moorings at 10:00 A.M.!!

Grace and Peace,
Pastor Debbie