Our History

Methodism first came to the Antigo community in 1878. The Reverend Jesse Cole preached the first sermon in the Antigo community at services held in Baker’s shanty, a log cabin in the NE quarter section on the bank of Springbrook near where Highway 64 now crosses, on June 5, 1878. On October 2, 1881, the Reverend Patrick Burke was appointed to Antigo as the first pastor of the newly organized church here. This makes Methodism the first religious work done in the city of Antigo, preceding all others.

June 24, 1883 marked the date of the dedication of the first church building. It was located at the SE corner of Edison and Third Avenue across from the courthouse. During the pastorate of reverend T.D. Williams, the church at 623 Clermont Street was built on land purchased from Joseph Putnam.

The dedication was held in 1895. Major additions and improvements were added to the church in 1910 and the church was rededicated in June, 1910. In 1925, Wesley hall was added to the building.

On February 1, 1988, during the pastorate of Reverend Bernadette Bruner, land for a new church was purchased at 2034 West Fifth Avenue. Consecration Services were held on May 21st, 1989. During this service, the fellowship hall was named Ryland Hall in honor of Catheryn and Wallace Ryland for their many years of dedication to the church. Catheryn was church organist for 59 years beginning in 1930. The church was dedicated on May 7th, 1995.


Pastors of the Antigo UMC
Patrick Burke 1881-1882
Petty Millar 1882-1885
J.I. Foote 1885-1886
John Wills 1886-1887
F. Howard 1887-1889
J.B. Beadle 1889-1891
J.D. Kenestric 1891-1892
Henry J. Dueker 1892-1893
T.D. Williams 1893-1896
W.A. Peterson 1896-1901
F.A. Nimitz 1901-1904
Walter A. Hall 1904-1909
James Churm 1909-1911
Morris Eversz 1911-1916
S.J. Tink 1916-1921
O.D. Cannon 1921-1926
M.H. Cloud 1926-1930
J.T. Bowden 1930-1935
Edmin M. Oliver 1935-1939
Guy Wilkerson 1939-1941
Margaret Wilkerson 1941-1942
Victor Nearhoof 1942-1946
Ernest D. Kistler 1946-1951
Walter Holliday 1951-1957
Lowell Reykdal 1959-1963
Gene Lackore 1963-1964
T. Edmond White 1964-1969
Charles Rossiter 1969-1971
Hobart Sailor 1971-1977
A. Wendell Stoneburner 1977-1981
Ronald Retherford 1981-1985
Bernadette Bruner 1985-1999
Thaddeus Rutter II 1999-2002
Jason Dickerson 2002-2008
Charles Strong 2008-2012
Debbie Pimm 2012-

Ordained Ministers nurtured in the faith in our church:
Harlan Logan
Arv Arveson