Bulletin Board

Spring Clean Up On Thursday, May 31, 2018

You are invited to help the trustees with our annual spring clean-up. This year we will be cleaning up both outside the building and inside. Trimming, weeding, picking up stuff in the parking lot, are some of the outside tasks. Bring your own tools. We will also be cleaning Sunday school rooms and other places inside the church, as well as doing some painting. If you’ve never attended this event, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to fellowship and work together. Since we are also doing inside cleaning this year we could use some extra help!
Pizza will be ordered and a collection taken to cover the cost. We will begin around 5:00 P.M., but come when you can get there. We appreciate your help with this project!!  For more info call Kelvin Wagner or the church office.

Parsonage Roof Project: “Raise the Roof!”

The Parsonage needs a new roof, Trustees, the committee responsible for the buildings and grounds is starting a fund drive to help keep Pastor Debbie dry. The goal is to start the roof by May of this year, so in order to do that we will need to raise $7500.
We will display a chart to show how the fund raising is progressing. What we will do is mark off in $320 increments, each one representing 1 sq. foot, $320 a whole square. We invite you to prayerfully consider helping with this project. Please write checks to Antigo UMC and put “parsonage roof” in the memo line.

Music in the Park

Save the date – Thursday, July 5, 2018, for our food sale at Music in the Park. Monroe Crossing will be the entertainment and a big crowd is expected. If you will be available at that time, plan to help by baking pies or serving food at the park.

Vacation Bible School

We (AUMC) will be hosting Vacation Bible School this summer, Sunday-Tuesday, Aug. 12-Aug. 14, 5:30-8:00 P.M. We are looking for volunteers to help with snacks, crafts, decorating and Crew Leaders. We have a spot for everyone if you can help one night or all 3 nights. See Carol DeVoe or Pastor Debbie.

Library News

Love Packages
Spring cleaning time is here, but don’t throw away Christian print and visual materials. Donate them to the library. You may have purchased a new issue of the Upper Room for May/June. Return your old issue to the library. Any Growth group book or Bible study guide can also be returned to the donation basket in the library. These materials will be used in the church library, the Little Free Library, or will be donated to Love Packages. Love Packages is “a ministry aimed at putting Christian literature and Bibles into the hands of people around the world”. Many people in under-developed countries do not have access to printed Scriptural material, and have a real hunger to learn more about the word of God. We have such an over-abundance of these materials that we take them for granted. We can share these items instead of throwing them away! More information is posted on the library bulletin board about the ministry and what they will and won’t accept. Their website, lovepackages.org, includes more information, testimonials and videos that provides greater understanding. God can use our garbage to make a big difference in another person’s life, around the globe!