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Youth Books

Many people are aware of the great selection of books we have for adults in our church library. Some may have even browsed through the colorful children’s books. But don’t forget about the youth books that are shelved in the children’s books area. There are several fiction and non-fiction books that would be great choices for the teenage readers. “Saga of the Sierras” is a fiction series suitable for students in grades 9-12. It is produced by Bethany House Publishers and is a Christian themed western novel series. Our library has the first four books of the eight book series.

Some choices for readers age 8-12 would include the Focus on the Family endorsed fiction books; Ruled Out, Crazy Jacob, and Stalked in the Catacombs. We also have one from NavPress titled Treasure in an Oatmeal Box. Encourage your children and teens to read for fun during the winter. Select some books from our library that promote Christian based principles.

The church library is open any time the church is open. Stop in sometime before or after worship to browse or check out some books.

“Eternity is Now in Session” Lent Growth Groups

Many people think “being saved” is about meeting the minimum entrance requirements for getting into heaven when they die. But Jesus talked about eternal life in a different way. Jesus talked about eternal life beginning now. This five week study is based on a book written by John Ortberg, a pastor in Menlo Ca, and will help us to grow closer to God as we rediscover what Jesus really taught about salvation, eternity, and getting to the good place.” As John Ortberg says, “God is not waiting for eternity to begin. God lives in eternity right now. It is the interactive fellowship and joy that exists between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Eternity is rolling right along, and we are invited to be part of it –now. Are you ready to join in? Eternity is now in Session!”

We are planning to offer 3 opportunities for growth groups for this 5-week series. The purpose of these groups is to help us grow in our friendships with one another, as well as to grow in our relationship with Jesus, with the help of other people on the same spiritual journey of discipleship.

We want to encourage everyone to participate in one of these groups.

Groups will be offered: Sundays (beginning March 10) following worship led by Pastor Deb, Tuesday evenings (beginning March 12) 6:30-7:30 led by Randy Myers, and Thursday mornings (beginning March 14) 11:00- 12:00 led by Bob White.

All groups will meet at the church! Please sign up on the sheets in foyer for the day and time that will work in your schedule.