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Prayers for the People

Marv and Connie Schmeiser donated a book to the church library called Prayers for the People. Here is what Connie wrote about the book.

“Prayers for the People” is a book that was recently added to our library. Written by Rev. Michelle (Schmeiser) Henrichs, it is a scriptural based collection of prayers for worship. These prayers offer a fresh perspective for praying the words of Scripture, using current language and references the Revised Common Lectionary.

Michelle is currently a minister in the Presbyterian Church and she also writes a blog which you can find at www.lifeinthelabyrinth.com. Many of you might know Michelle as she grew up in our church.

Brothers in Faith

The Brothers in Faith are again contemplating participating in the Thrivent Cans Hunger can build. This project is a way to involve the community and our church in collecting canned goods for the Antigo Food Pantry. Our church, coordinated by the Brothers, has participated the past 2 years. In year one, we built Calvary hill with three crosses on it, last year we built “My Plate” which is the new diagram that has replaced the old food pyramid. Three people have expressed an interest in doing it again, but we really need at least a couple more. How about you? Anyone, man or woman, young or old, can join the fun. What you would do is help decide what to build and how to pile up cans so it would be recognizable, gather cans or money to purchase cans, and then pile up the cans. It has been a lot of fun in the past and the hundreds of cans collected are greatly appreciated by those relying on the food pantry. Let Carl McIlquham know if you would like to join the fun.