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”Tales of a Merry Life”

Thank you to Andy and Elizabeth Merry for donating the book Tales of a Merry Life: A Fictional History of Grandpa Leon. It is written by John, Michael and Monica Merry. This is an interesting book about the life of Leon Merry (1876-1951), Andy’s grandfather, who lived in Lincoln and Langlade counties most of his life. The authors used family artifacts; journals, hand-written letters, photographs and newspaper clippings to create the basis of the book, then added creative interpretation to complete the history. Leon was orphaned at an early age and separated from two of his three sisters. It is an interesting read of family, faith and sometimes survival lifestyle of people of that time in our area of the state. The back cover description of the book states: “Stories of persistence, courage, and hard work in the forests and farmlands of northern Wisconsin as one family finds success and self-acceptance amid the tranquility of stands of white birch trees.” If you like reading the Jerry Apps books of growing up in Wisconsin, you will probably like this book, too.

Did you know the present church property was purchased from the Merry’s? Leon and Anna purchased the West Fifth Ave. property in 1927. John and Lorraine Merry, Andy’s parents, were married in 1934 and also lived on this property until 1945. John planted the trees on the north property line that still remain. The Merry family sold the property in 1991 to our congregation.

If you want to learn more about Leon, Anna, John and Lorraine check out this book in our church library, which is open anytime the church office is open or on Sunday mornings before and after worship. If you would like your own book, Tales of a Merry Life is also for sale. Contact Andy or Elizabeth if you would like to purchase a book.

Brothers in Faith

The Brothers Group is again going to participate in the Thrivent Can Hunger program. This is the program where organizations build something primarily out of canned food and then those cans are donated to the Antigo Food Pantry. This year’s theme will be a frying pan filled mostly with eggs and bacon with possibly a fork alongside of it. We can’t use real eggs or real bacon because of refrigeration concerns. The frying pan will be over three(3) feet in diameter and so your generous monetary and canned good donations are much appreciated. The Brothers’ build will be on display in the Church Narthax in late October.