Bulletin Board

Wisconsin United Methodist Church Camps

The brochures are here for the Wisconsin United Methodist Church Camps. If you are interested in having your child or family participate this year, please help yourself to a brochure or check them out on line at WIUMCamps.org. There are lots of choices for a fun Christian experience. There are scholarships available through the church, please check with Pastor Deb or Aimee.

Congratulations Graduates!!

We would like to acknowledge our graduates for the 2016/2017 school year. If you have a graduate, please let the church office know who they are.

Congratulations to: Nikita Deep, Lili Wagner, Tasha Bushy & Matthew Arndt!

Fill Your Mug with Equal Exchange Coffee and Smile!

Like coffee? Fill your mug with some equal exchange free trade coffee and not only help small, local coffee growers but also helping “Smiletrain” put a smile on a child’s face. With the help of a small grant our church has been able to purchase $250 worth of coffee. All proceeds from the sale of this coffee will be donated directly to “SmileTrain”, with a goal of raising $500, enough to cover surgery costs for two children suffering with a cleft palate.
So, purchase a bag of coffee, put a smile on your face and a smile on a child’s who hasn’t been able to smile.


Get Hooked On Reading
Many of you are already hooked on reading and have checked out hundreds of books from our church library. The community has also responded very favorably to the outdoor Little Free Library. In fact in less than one year several hundred Christian books have been reeled in by our Antigo community via the outside library!

But that’s where our line is hitting a snag and we could use your help. In order to keep up with the demand for books, we are in need of new or used Christian books. If you see any appropriate books in good condition at rummage sales please consider purchasing them for our library. We would also be very grateful for any monetary donations that could be used to purchase gently used books.

Just like fishing, you never know what you might catch as we continue this mission of providing Christian books to our members and our neighbors. Thank you!

Need a Ride?

Do you or do you know anyone needing a ride to church? If so, please let the church office know. We have a system in place that will provide a ride for anyone in need of one. Kyle Crum will be notified by the church when someone is in need of a ride. Kyle will then call a potential driver from his list of volunteer drivers. He will continue to call drivers until one of them can take the person to church on that particular day. Thanks to Kyle and to those who have volunteered to provide rides. PS don’t be afraid to ask. We want to give you a ride.

Willing to give someone a ride to church?

If you would be willing to put your name on the potential driver list, please sign up in the church narthex or just let the church office know. By putting your name on the list, you may be called and asked if you could provide a ride for a person needing a ride on a given day, and if it works for you, you say “okay. If it is inconvenient for you on that particular day, you simply say “it won’t work today”. You probably won’t be called more than a couple of times a year. So please add your name to the list.

Mailing or email address change?

We would like to keep our email address list current. If you have a change in your address or new address that you would like us to use please contact the church office or fill out a green form found in the back of the pews and place it in the offering plate.

Visit from the Pastor

If you would like Pastor Debbie to stop and visit, please call her or the church office. We would be happy to make arrangements. If you know of someone hospitalized, please let us know.