Volunteer Schedule

Worship Volunteer Schedule


February 4 – Glenn Bugni
February 11 – Greg Bruss
February 18 – Connie Schmeiser
February 25 – Judy Schroeder
March 4 – Kris Fincher
March 11 – Mike Akright
March 18 – Donna Ruf
March 25 – Terry Zalewski

Greeters and Ushers

February 4 – Dave and Carol Arndt
February 11 – Ron and Terry Zalewski
February 18 – Diane Wyland and Virginia Groot
February 25 – Donna Ruf and Lou Ann Tousey
March 4 – Marvin and Connie Schmeiser
March 11 – Tim and Carol DeVoe
March 18 – Glenn and Nancy Bugni
March 25 – Carl and Connie Kakes

Please consult the guidelines for the Greeters and Ushers posted inside the sanctuary doors by the candle lighters. (Also listed near bottom of this page.)

February 4 – Ron Zalewski
February 11 – Nathan Deep
February 18 – Whitt Mach
February 25 – Dennis Fincher
March 4 – Paul Kakes
March 11 – Ben Tincher
March 18 – Kris Fincher
March 25 – John Bushy

Thank You’s from Pastor Deb…

  • Thank you for your generosity in 2017 which allowed us to pay our apportionments in full!! Congratulations and well done!
  • Thank you to Rev. Bob White for filling in while I was on vacation, to Nikki Deep for doing the children’s sermon, and to Glenn Bugni for setting up and running the power point that day.
  • Thank you to Barb McIlquham for arranging the outside planters.

Suggestion Box

A Suggestion Box has been placed on the table in the foyer. If you have a suggestion for ministry or mission, please write it down, and sign and date the suggestion. This will enable us to ask questions or find out more information or feed back to you about the suggestion. Please do not place anonymous suggestions in the box.

Blood Donations

Blood donations are collected on the 1st Monday of the month at the Langlade Hospital. Consider giving blood. It is always needed.

Guidelines for Greeters

  • Greet worshipers and hand out bulletins.
  • Be sure to have visitors sign the guest book.
  • Be sure to hand out pew pads from the outside edges of the pews (end up in the middle).
  • The candles should be lit during the prelude at the beginning of worship.
  • Perform an attendance count.
  • Take offering; starting at the front of the church working toward the back; remembering to take offering from the choir.
  • When taking the offering to the altar take the food pantry basket as well.
  • Snuff out candles during the last hymn.

Many Ways to Volunteer

  • Sanctuary Choir
  • Bell Choir
  • Special Music
  • Small Group Leaders
  • Communion Servers
  • Communion Visitation Helpers
  • General Visitation Helpers
  • United Methodist Women
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Audio/Visual Technicians – Need people to run the power point projector on Sunday mornings. Glenn Bugni will provide training. If willing and interested, please contact Pastor Debbie.
  • Greeters/Ushers
  • Liturgists
  • Nursery Helpers
  • Also, we are looking for someone who is good at doing calligraphy to fill out certificates for baptisms, new members . . . If you are good at this type of project and would like to help just let Aimee know and she will have something for you to get started on.