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Questions God/Jesus Asks us!
We often have questions for God. How long, Lord? Why God did You let this tragedy happen? God, where are You, why are You so silent? God where should I live? What kind of job should I have?
But did you realize God asks questions of people? Even though God knows everything, God asked Adam, where are you? He asked Moses, what is that in your hand? And my favorite, he asked Ezekiel can these bones live? In July and August, we will be looking at questions God and Jesus asked people in the Bible to help them understand something more about God and themselves. Let’s think about: What are the questions God is asking us?

July Sermon Series: Questions God Asks
July 5 – Where Are you? – Genesis 3:1-13
July 12 – What’s in Your Hand? – Exodus 4:1-5
July 19 – What are you Doing Here? – 1 Kings 19:1-18
July 26 – Can These Bones Live? – Ezekiel 37: 1-14

August Sermon Series: Questions Jesus Asks
August 2 – What Do You Want Me to Do for You? – Mark 10:31-47
August 9 – Who Do You Say I Am? – Matthew 16:13-20
August 16 – Do You Understand What I have Done for You? – John 13:1-7
August 23 – Who Are My Mother and My Brothers? – Mark 3:20-21, 31-35
August 30 – Do you Love Me? – John 21:15-19