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Sermon Series: Knowing God Through His Attributes
One of the most amazing things that the Bible tells us about God, is that God want us to know Him. God is not trying to hide from us, God wants to reveal Himself to us so that we can understand Him better, have a positive relationship with Him, and so we can live our lives fully. One of the ways we get to know God better is when we begin to understand God’s nature, character, and attributes. Too often we find ourselves with a lopsided view of God because we have not taken time to learn what God’s Word, the Bible, tells us about God.  We latch onto one or two attributes that we really like and ignore the rest, especially if they contradict our lifestyle.
In this day and age, we’ve all heard warnings about having our identity stolen. Thieves who find ways to steal our birthdate and social security number can wreak havoc with our reputation. When our picture of God comes from popular culture rather than from scripture, we in a sense steal God’s identity. Instead of getting our picture of God from the Scriptures, and God’s self-revelation, we get it from popular culture and end up remaking God in our image.
I hope you will join us this fall for our series: Knowing God through His Attributes and find out how a true picture of God can make a big difference in our everyday living.

  • September 25 – Knowing God through His Attributes: Our Three in One God
  • October 2 – Knowing God through His Attributes:  All Present
  • October 9 – Knowing God through His Attributes: All Powerful
  • October 16 – Knowing God through His Attributes: All Knowing
  • October 23 – Knowing God through His Attributes: Perfectly Holy