Preaching Schedule

Summer Preaching Schedule

  • June 5 – Church on Fire – Acts 2:1-8, 14-21 (Pentecost Sunday)
  • June 12 – Guest Speaker: Sandra Huxtable  (Pastor at Annual Conference)

Sermon Series: True Gospel)
There seems to be different versions of the Gospel floating around in our culture. Some think if we do our best, more good than bad, we will be acceptable to God, and obtain heaven. Others say we have to not only believe in Jesus, we have to follow certain rules and regulations. Or we need in some way to earn God’s acceptance, maybe pray more or work harder, etc. What is necessary for us to be accepted by God? In Paul’s letter to the Christians in Galatia, Paul addresses this very issue. Some people in that church were saying you have to become a Jew, and keep the Law, as well as believe in Jesus in order to be a Christian. Paul writes a letter, warning Christians that they were in grave spiritual danger.
What we believe matters! Our answer to the question: “On what basis does God Accepts us?” affects not only how we live day to day, but also has eternal consequences. Join us this summer as we are reminded of God’s Gospel of Truth and Grace.