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Sunday School News

Sunday school is for ages 3yr to 5th grade. Children start out in Sunday worship with their families then are released to go to their classrooms for a quick lesson with activity or craft. We need volunteers for helping. If you are interested, please let the church office know.

Join us for our church VALENTINE’S DAY PARTY!
When: February 12, 2023 in Ryland Hall following worship Games, crafts, and fun for the kids! Great food and fellowship for everyone! We will have PLENTY to eat and would love to see you!

To make our Sunday worship meaningful, kids can take part in the service too. Boys and Girls 4th grade or older can be acolytes. Acolytes are the bearers of the flame that light the candles at the opening of the service and extinguish them at the service’s conclusion. A few of the children have done this, but we would like others to try it too. We will be sending notes home with the children with more information.

Lenten Bible Study

Have you ever considered yourself an outsider, outcast or an outlaw? Maybe not the last one but…if you have, then we have the study for you!! We’ll be offering a six-week Lenten Bible, study of Luke: Jesus, and the outsiders, outcasts and outlaws by Adam Hamilton from the first week of March up to Easter. Though “Bible study” sounds very dry and maybe even boring to you, our discussions, take us in many interesting directions. We are always learning from others in the group and would welcome any and all to join. We are tentatively planning on the same day as now (Thursdays) and the same time at 1:00 to 2:00pm in the library. If there is interest in the study from people who cannot make this time, we can certainly discuss other possibilities. There will be a signup sheet in the narthex (entry). If you have any questions, please contact Pastor Deb, Patrice Flock, or Randy Myers. Come join us as we study God’s word.

Sisters in Faith

Sisters started off the new year by cancelling our first two meetings due to weather! We were able to get back to our study and discussion of a book by Max Lucado entitled No Wonder They Call Him the Savior on January 17th. If all goes as planned this month, we should be completing Part 2 of this study, “The Cross: It’s Witnesses” and beginning Part 3, “The Cross: It’s Wisdom”. Sisters will meet in the church library from 1-2 p.m. on the Tuesdays of February 7th, 14th, 21st. and 28th.

Antigo Community Garden

God provides the sun, water, and soil. You provide the seeds and the will to plant and till the soil. Together a bountiful harvest is produced.

Volunteers Needed to Operate Our Video Camera

We would like others to volunteer to help run the camara on Sunday mornings.  We will train you and we have instructions printed. We can train during the week or on Sunday mornings. We would also sit with you for a couple of times until you are comfortable.  It is easy.  We would like to have enough people trained so that we can take turns on a rotating schedule.  If you are only slightly interested, try it. Call the church office for details.

Church Library News

C. S. Lewis: The Author
Some of the new books in the church library include some well-known titles by C. S. Lewis. Several months ago, the library’s new DVD about Lewis’ life was featured in this column (“The Most Reluctant Convert”). Now these Lewis books are available:
Mere Christianity:  A popular introduction to the Christian faith, this is a collection of broadcast talks made by C. S. Lewis.
The Great Divorce:  This is a work of fiction describing a journey from heaven to hell, changing the way we think about good and evil. (This book has been in the library for several years.)
A Grief Observed:  Lewis’ reflection of life and loss written after his wife died.
The Screwtape Letters:  A religious satire about human life, temptation, and triumphing over it.
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:  A children’s picture book adaptation of Lewis’ story, featuring the four siblings adventuring through the wardrobe to Narnia.
Learn more about this famous Christian writer by watching the DVD and/or reading these books.