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Adult Bible Study

Adult Bible Study Wednesdays, at 1:00pm The book of Acts. Learn how the people of the early church discovered what true power looks like as Jesus transformed their lives – and they changed the world! Please join us!

Antigo Community Garden

God provides the sun, water, and soil. You provide the seeds and the will to plant and till the soil. Together a bountiful harvest is produced.

In Person Worship

Beginning the first Sunday in July, we will be relaxing our mask requirement and following the latest CDC guidelines which says that vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask, unless they want to. People who are not vaccinated should continue to wear a mask in worship for their safety and the safety of others.

We are using the honor system and trust you will do the right thing.

Volunteers Needed to Operate Our Video Camera

Volunteers are needed to operate our video camera for livestreaming our worship service online. We are in need of people willing to learn how to use it.  We chose an easy to operate camera, and will give you a lesson on how to operate it. We would like to have a rotating schedule like we do for the power point operators, so we can share the responsibility. If you would be willing to help with this important ministry, please let Pastor Debbie know.

Church Library News

The International Day of Prayer for persecuted Christians is Sunday, November 7, 2021. It wasn’t just in Bible times that Christians were persecuted. Today, around the world and in the United States, some Christians are not allowed to practice their religion, are criticized, beaten, and murdered. “The Center for the Study of Global Christianity of Gordon–Conwell Theological Seminary, an evangelical seminary based in Hamilton, Massachusetts, has estimated that 100,000 Christians die annually for their faith.” On their World Watch List, Open Doors, a group who helps suffering Christians, claims that Covid-19 and advanced technology has made it easier for governments to mistreat Christians.

What can we do?

Pray.  Join the world on Nov. 7 and pray for Christians around the world.

Learn more.  Explore the website links below to understand more about present day persecution.

Read.  Several copies of The Voice of the Martyrs monthly magazine are available in the church library. The following books are displayed in the library. Tortured for Christ, Hearts of Fire, Cell 58. Each of them has been described in past newsletter articles.

Sabina, a new movie by The Voice of the Martyrs, will be shown in theaters on November 8-10. It is about Sabina Wurmbrand, wife of Richard Wurmbrand whose story is told in the book Tortured for Christ. Unfortunately, the closest theater showing the movie is in Appleton and Oshkosh.

This is not a fun topic to think about, but it doesn’t help to ignore it. Visit the church library. Learn more about mistreated Christians.


Family Research Council

Voice of the Martyrs website