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Small Group Bible Study

We are going to build on our Lenten reading of the book of Mark with a more in depth discussion on the Parables of Mark. We will meet at the church on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm starting April 13th and for the next 2-3 weeks after. We will maintain our social distancing protocols and wearing masks.
There will not be a study “book” and the only advanced readings will be the parables. These will be led by Randy Myers and Pastor Deb. Stay tuned for the exact list of parables and sign up sheet in the narthex.

“Water for Life” Lenten Project

The mission committee with the Sunday school children would like to reflect on the sacrifice Jesus made for us by supporting the “Water for Life” project this Lenten season. This project addresses the need for clean water in Africa. Over 300 million African people do not have safe, clean water. Let’s incorporate the idea of sacrifice in our daily lives by giving up something for Lent that results in a money savings. This UMCOR project “Water For Life” makes clean water accessible to the people in Ghana, Africa by constructing a well. Our goal is $500 to help families live healthier lives by gaining access to a safe water supply. We can spend less, give more, and share our love as we sacrifice a little during this Lenten season.

Here are some ideas to save money for Water for Life in the six weeks of Lent:

  • Save your loose change.
  • Give up one trip to fast food or dining at a restaurant once a week.
  • Brown bag your lunch twice a week – at least a $2 savings a day.
  • Give up a daily treat—that Kwik Trip cup of coffee, soda at McDonalds, a candy bar, or doughnut.
  • Children and Youth—Do an extra job for Mom and Dad. Put your earnings in the can.

There are some cans you can pick up at church or make a container of your own. The Sunday school kids will be working on saving loose change and helping out around the house to earn money for their cans. We will put all the money in two jars at church. Boys vs. Girls challenge. When you attend church or when you bring your Lenten offering cans back to church at the end of Lent make sure you mark them boy or girl. This will help them in their challenge. Who will win the challenge boy or girl?  The real winners will be the people of Ghana.

In Person Worship

We are back to worshipping in person, with appropriate safeguards in place. We do require masks and social distancing. But it is great to see our brother and sisters in Christ face to face. We hope you will give it a try when you are feeling comfortable enough to do so.
We will be continuing our online service as well. We record it Live on Sunday morning, but you can view it any time during the week on our Facebook page.
Worshipping God is an important way to show our love to God and to grow in our faith. So we hope everyone will carve time into their schedule for weekly worship, either in person or on-line.

Volunteers Needed to Operate Our Video Camera

Volunteers are needed to operate our video camera for livestreaming our worship service online. We are in need of people willing to learn how to use it.  We chose an easy to operate camera, and will give you a lesson on how to operate it. We would like to have a rotating schedule like we do for the power point operators, so we can share the responsibility. If you would be willing to help with this important ministry, please let Pastor Debbie know.

Church Library News

Give up Something Bad for Lent
In her new sermon series, Pastor Deb is encouraging us to give up something bad for lent. Here are some books you may want to read to help with that. Do you have problems saying “no” to others’ requests even if your time and energy is limited?

Do you feel like people are taking advantage of you? Read the book Boundaries, by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend, to help set personal property lines based on Bible teachings. The authors discuss ten laws of boundaries to help us gain control of our lives and give us freedom to be the people God created us to be.

Remember the Not a Fan book, sermon series and large group study? The same author, Kyle Idleman, also wrote Gods at War; Defeating the Idols that Battle for Your Heart. In this book, the author analyzes common values and priorities that sometimes overrule our Christian life. He categorizes them in three groups; Pleasure, Power, and Love. “Kyle will challenge even the most obedient Christian to relook at their relationship with Christ.”

Get these and other books at our church library which is open whenever the building is open. Watch for the Easter book display, including many children’s books, in the library later in March.