Community Garden

On our land to the north of the parking lot, was started in 2009 with just 12 plots and has grown to 80 plots. We as a congregation are providing a needed service to our community. Most of the gardeners are not members of our church. Many have expressed sincere appreciation to our church for making it possible for them to have a place to garden.

Noisy Offering

Every 3rd Sunday of the month we collect a “Noisy Offering” which consists of the loose change in our pockets (and more) to support various missions throughout the year. The schedule for 2021 is:

  • January 17 – Agriculture Center at Mujilla Falls, Zambia, Africa
  • February 21 – Salvation Army
  • March 21 – Crick and Mindy Porier
  • April 18 – Avail
  • May 16 – Hope Life Center
  • June 20 – Antigo Food Pantry
  • July 18 – Harbor House
  • August 16 – UM Children’s Services
  • September 19 – UMCOR Disaster Relief
  • October 17 – Afghan Refugee Assistance UMCOR
  • November 21 – Northcott Neighborhood House
  • December 19 – Smile Train

Paul Webster

Our church supports Paul Webster, a missionary in Mujilla Falls, Zambia. He is a minister and rural economic development specialist. His projects promote major programs in education, health, sustainable and appropriate agriculture, community, evangelism, and church construction. He teaches skills that enable the local people to become self-sufficient and care for their land. Our commitment has been $2,500 yearly towards his salary. As a church, Paul’s ministry affords us the chance to be a part of a mission that we know is effective and life changing.

Our Church Has a Focus on Local Missions

Some of the projects we have supported include:

  • Assembling flood buckets
  • Making school bags with school supplies for children in Haiti Providing layettes for babies in Africa
  • Sponsoring a vitamin project for children in India
  • Collecting money to buy bikes for pastors in Africa
  • Heifer Project worldwide
  • Assembling health kits
  • The Smile Train
  • Honduras School Loan Project